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Kayo's Day: A Mixtape (2021) is Chaos1.0's latest release and junior project.

“Sheesh, lemme just write this one lol.” - Chaos1.0

Maverick was a whole mission; starting the project around the spring of 2019 and completing it closer to the winter season; after spending the summer in New York City. From almost losing his crib to money coming in slow to having to go to the Downtown Dayton Metro Library to use their media studio to finish the project after his mic broke, the making of Maverick was a long but rewarding process. Kayo finished the recordings and soon made his unostentatious return to school on a Monday, October 28; the day after his eighteenth birthday. Maverick was finally released on November 22, 2019. All the songs on the album mean a lot to him for what they are as some of these bars he wrote during his lowest moments. He is genuinely happy of the personal growth he went through during this period in his life, and carries the lessons learned while moving forward in life. Songs like “Odyssey.4.Optimism”, “Starry Night”, “Luck of My Draw”, and “Paper Chaser”, prove that no matter what happens everything will be all alright. <3

Released in 2019, Maverick is Chaos1.0's sophomore album.

After three mixtapes and various 

songs released [exclusively on SoundCloud], Chaos1.0 wanted to honor his first completed year of musical practice by launching his debut album, Awkwardly Awesome on September 7, 2018; his junior year of high school. In the “Awkwardly Awesome (Intro)”, Chaos1.0 gives a succinct speech that signifies the confidence he has in his traditionally niggling personality to persevere and succeed in life. From the melodic rhythm of tracks like “Now or Never” and “Extended Voicemail” to the tangy bars of “Bamboo (feat. Mikke Tenna & CFO Hustle)”, Awkwardly Awesome is a nostalgic essential to the Chaos1.0 discography!

Awkwardly Awesome is Chaos1.0's debut album and was released in 2018.